Drainage Solutions


If you’re having problems with water on your property we can provide value for money solutions! Whether it be damp ground or excessive water run-off which can be damaging and annoying. We spend a lot of time researching new products to bring you the most effective solution possible. Often the simplest option is the best. Tilt  Excavations is licensed to install your septic trenches as well providing cost effective installations.

Some of the solutions we provide incorporate:

  • Soakage trenches and soakage pits for that ground that just won’t dry out
  • Pits and pipelines for diverting concentrated water
  • Open Rock drains for large water volume and catchment areas
  • Concrete spoon drains
  • Automatic pump and pit wells for basements and areas without fall
  • Our own designed pit well with an automatic pump. These can be used to divert surface water in areas without fall or to many obstacles for pipes. A pit is included that catches leaves and debris before entering the pump well. This system is a fraction of the cost compared to other prefabricated pits
  • Plus many other solutions as no two problems are identical

We clean up afterwards.

Phil is a licensed Drainer, accredited with a Building Service Authority License assuring quality installation and professional service.